Super Lazy

June 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Sometimes I cannot believe just how lazy I am. How long does it take to form a habit? Two weeks they say? I made it to ten consecutive days of working out and now I haven’t gotten up off my ass in days. Every day I find an excuse not to Shred or not to go to the gym. I’m kicking myself but I haven’t done anything to change it. I just keep making excuses. Ugh. Why can’t I care about myself enough to stop letting me sabotage myself?

I was craving something sweet last night, so I made an Oreo cream pie. I tried to make it a little bit healthier with 1% milk and lite Cool Whip. I must say, it tastes exactly the same as the full fat version. At least I’m still making these smart substitutes!!! I kind of screwed myself this past week by not buying enough decent food last time we were at the grocery store. I’m out of healthy things to eat and also out of money until pay day on Friday. I really need to make sure to buy enough food to get me thru from now on.

I’m also promising to buy myself Wii Fit this pay day for my Wii. I love playing Wii, so maybe Wii Fit will cure some of my laziness with the working out thing. I’ve never played with the Wii Fit, but lots of people seem to like it. If anyone has any info or advice about it, I’d love to hear it!

In other news, spent today at the pool with the future hubby and my best friend. Worked on my tan, sunburned my face…but I’m not in near as bad shape as my poor pale Irish fiancee. He’s passed out on the couch nursing his sunburned arms, legs, shoulders and chest. I tried to get him to wear my sun screen. He wouldn’t listen!!! We did actually get to have a nice dinner – stuffed shells with meat sauce and garlic bread. Now my world’s noisiest dishwasher is cleaning up the aftermath while my world’s noisiest washing machine cleans his clothes. Too bad it’s our only night off together and he’s unconscious. Go figure.


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